Gov Transcriber 9

Gov Transcriber 9 combines the convenience of Windows transcription software with cloud-based artificial intelligence to make creating meeting minutes faster and easier.

Gov Transcriber 9 can be used for creating full transcripts of meetings or to quickly write up summary meeting minutes, using portions of the automatically generated transcript for additional detail.

Gov Transcriber 9 Features

  • Transcribe recordings from Gov Recorder 9 and Meeting Recorder 9

  • Transcribe recordings from handheld digital recorders

  • Automatically converts speaking into complete draft transcripts

  • Export the computer-generated transcript for editing and publishing in Word

  • View the transcript along with notes while playing back the recording

  • Locate sections to work on by clicking on the transcript or on the notes

  • Fast playback for proofing transcripts and reviewing meetings

  • Hands-free start/stop playback using a USB foot pedal or keystrokes

How Gov Transcriber 9 Works

The Gov Transcriber 9 software runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers as a regular Windows software program. Any MP3 or WAV recording file can be opened for playback and transcription.

The SoniClear Cloud transcription service charges a per-minute fee that is based on the length of the recording. This is managed through a SoniClear Transcription Account.

Note that access to the Internet is required. This allows the program to validate the transcription account, upload the recording to the transcription server, and download the transcribed text. Aside from that, playback and processing is performed on the local computer system.

Transcribe In the Cloud

To transcribe a recording, Gov Transcriber 9 uploads the recording to the SoniClear Cloud Server. There the file is converted to text using the latest voice recognition technology. The cloud transcription process typically takes about an hour to complete.

The artificial intelligence transcription process is smart enough to automatically handle recognition of multiple people speaking at the meeting, and a wide range of accents. This makes Gov Transcriber 9 different from transcription software designed for dictation, which only works with one voice and requires extensive training for reliable results. With high quality audio and meeting participants who speak articulately, the transcripts are high quality drafts for use in production of full minutes. For meetings where the recording sound is less clear, or participants do not speak clearly, the transcript gives a good indication of the subject being discussed for review, and provides a starting point for adding transcript detail to summary minutes.


Once the transcription is completed, the computer generated text it is automatically downloaded from the SoniClear Cloud and added to the recording file.

Gov Transcriber 9 displays the transcription on the screen, allowing you to see the text while playing the recording. Click on any point in the transcript to play back the speaking at that point in the meeting.

Export to Word

The transcript and any notes that have been entered can be exported to Microsoft Word format. Gov Transcriber 9 can then be used to play back the recording while editing and proofing the final transcript in Word.

Archive and Share

Recordings can be archived and shared with participants for direct access to important information. Using the free Windows player and web-based player, viewers can watch the computer transcribed text highlighted in sync with the playback. The listener can also select to play back any part of the recording by clicking on notes or the transcribed text



Getting Started


Gov Transcriber 9 software is included with Gov Recorder 9 and Court Recorder 9 software. It can also be purchased as an annual subscription for use with Meeting Recorder 9 and with digital recorders.

Transcription time can be purchased in blocks of 10 hours or 40 hours.

If you are an existing customer with a license for Gov Recorder 9 or Court Recorder 9, Gov Transcriber 9 is included with your Annual Software Support. To get started Request a Transcription Account.

To use Gov Transcriber 9 with Meeting Recorder 9 or with a handheld digital recorder, Purchase a Subscription, or Contact SoniClear Sales for more information and rates.


Integration with SoniClear Products


Gov Transcriber 9 is most efficient when used in combination with SoniClear recording software. You can easily outline the events of the meeting with automated note taking.

Timestamped notes can be typed, one-click entered with up to 56 predefined notes, and agenda items can be entered by selecting from a list.

Timestamped notes, combined with automatic voice-to-text transcription, make it simple to locate every detail of the meeting.